This is where we meet

Pre production is everything that happens before we press record, and it’s important that both ourselves and our clients have a clear picture of what the final outcome will be. During this stage of production there are several techniques we use to make sure the final product lines up with your needs.


Our first meeting is all about identifying your message, and how best to capture it within the necessary budget and timescales. We provide a free initial meeting for all new projects, so we can discuss the project and agree on what you need from the final product before you’ve made any commitments.

Creative Brief

The next stage is a client prepared brief, this gives more specific details which define the final videos requirements, such as length, format, budget and content. The brief should clearly identify the core message of the video, as well as its target audience. This keeps us both on the same page and makes the rest of the production process run smoothly.


When what you want from your project is hard to define without visual examples, we can provide mock ups and graphic treatments before production begins, as well as reference videos and mood boards as necessary.


Whilst storyboarding isn’t always necessary, it can be invaluable in tightly structured videos, such as commercials and motion graphics based videos. This step is also the first stage seeing all the pieces of the brief come together in to a sequence.

Setting the Date

After the planning has been agreed for the project, it’s time to set a date and move on to the next stage, production.

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