by Sami Al-Nashee · May 20th, 2015

Our work with De Montfort University

Both founding members of Orange Reel are graduates of De Montfort University, and working where we first learned our craft has been our privilege. Over the years we’ve captured hundreds of students from all disciplines and showcased state of the art technology for both the domestic and international market on more projects than we can name, but these are some of our favourites.

Performance Arts Centre for Excellence

The core message of this video is to inspire. To engage potential performance arts students, not through the typical talking heads, but by showing real performances by current students. All filmed within DMUs PACE building, we used the same lighting and space available to the students, and created a visually impactful video through techniques such as slow motion, split screen editing, and steadicams. We also created a bespoke track to give the audio the same tone and impact as the visuals. But most importantly, we worked closely with the performance arts students to let them do what they do best. Perform.

Open Days

The DMU Open Day project served two purposes, to encourage potential students to attend, and also to show those who couldn’t attend the atmosphere and sights of a DMU open day. With so many performances and exhibitions there was plenty to capture, and we also filmed some on the spot interviews with potential students attending the open day, all hosted by one of DMU’s own brand ambassadors.

But wait, there’s more

We pride ourselves on having long term relationships with our clients, and we’ve worked with DMU on such a broad range of projects we can’t show them all here, for more examples, have a look at our Vimeo channel.

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